All children have right to education – SDG 4 Quality Education

This story is part of the #PlanetChampions project run by New Horizons Foundation (FNO), Romania. We publish the story with the FNO’s permission and with the support of Norsensus Mediaforum’s volunteers who translated the story for the SDGs Youth Media Allies project.

“All CHILDREN have the right to education.

However, due to the precarious financial situation (from a financial point of view, in rural areas – in principle – most children have parents without a stable job – which leads to insufficient income for the payment of utilities, a direct consequences of dropping out of school), many children do not have the same rights as others. 

Speaking of our country, about 30,000 thousand children leave school every year for this very reason. Globally, things are not going well, thus there are 617 million children who cannot read, write, or count.

Alarming, considering that we are in the 21st century.

But do you think that nothing has been done in this direction over time?

Of course something has been done, but not enough !!!

Just as there are HUMAN RIGHTS, there are also CHILD RIGHTS!

WHY? Because children are always a special category, which requires their own rights which of course bring with them OBLIGATIONS.

These include, as we very well know, the RIGHT TO EDUCATION.

EDUCATION – is the basic principle to be able to develop, innovate, and create great things.

But if so many children do not have the opportunity for education now, how can we succeed together in the future?

TOGETHER we can change the world!

We can donate clothes, books, or toys that we no longer use, but are in good condition, to a rural family that needs them (thus extending a helping hand). And in addition to bringing a smile to a child’s lips, we reduce any ocean or air pollution that would occur after discarding them.

Not all children have access to education, so we must appreciate everything we have and always be grateful. A film that shows us how the will, determination, and creativity of a child’s future change: THE WIND SOFT.

The way we can embrace change is: starting with us! So let everyone know in the country, to all your acquaintances (who will surely let their acquaintances know) that change begins with you! If we want a wonderful future, with a healthy land we must work on it starting now!!

Try to be as happy as possible with each passing day and don’t forget to love your fellows, making them happy with every occasion you get! DO NOT FORGET! Lack of education is a global problem that has gained enormous proportions, so do everything you can to reduce it!

Educate yourself and educate those around you about the 2030 AGENDA, which proposes great things, possible with our help!”

Translated to English: George-Alexandru Mureșan and Eduard-Emanuel Perdevară


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Written by Aura Cucoș

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