Drawing for promoting SDG 4 – Quality Education

This story is part of the #PlanetChampions project run by New Horizons Foundation (FNO), Romania. We publish the story with the FNO’s permission and with the support of Norsensus Mediaforum’s volunteers who translated the story for the SDGs Youth Media Allies project.

“My name is Oprea Eliza-Ștefania, I am thirteen years old and I am a seventh-grade student. By participating in #PlanetChampions project I have learned the importance of quality education and that we must get involved in extracurricular activities. I’m passionate about drawing.

I find that drawing helps people express their freedom of developing various skills and abilities. For qualitative education to work properly, it must be adapted to the needs of every student, especially those that come from rural environments or unfavorable conditions. Differences between students are a source of diversity, not a problem for society. Equal opportunity means a chance at education for all and for everyone.

I wanted to emphasize that we must fight so that every child can have a quality education.”

Translated to English: George-Alexandru Mureșan and Eduard-Emanuel Perdevară


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