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5 miljøinnovasjoner rett fra science-fiction filmer

Spiselig vannflaske

A new innovation is making it easier than ever to keep a bottle of water on hand.
Created by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Guillaume Couche, and Pierre Paslier of Skipping Rocks Lab in London, Ooho is an inexpensive, biodegradable “water bottle” that’s paving the way for the future of hydration.

The orb, which Fast Company notes looks like a water balloon is created by taking a frozen ball of water and then encapsulating it in layers of membrane made of calcium chloride, and then brown algae. The process is a riff on a culinary technique called spherification, which is appropriate since the gelatinous coating is edible. Fruits and vegetables aren’t the only way to eat your water anymore.

A powered bicycle wheel that learns as it turns

The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily. The Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system. The Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion, multiplying your pedal power 3x—10x. It makes hills feel flat and distances shrink, so you can cycle just about anywhere.

Riders are given a boost as they pedal by measuring their effort, instead of using a throttle. This preserves the normal biking experience while enabling riders to bike faster, farther, and easier.

As you bike, the wheel is able to capture energy when braking or going down hill that it stores in the integrated lithium battery pack.

A container-sized generator that converts waste heat into energy

The E1™ is a turnkey, exhaust-gas heat recovery generator optimized for use with large gensets and engines. The E1 offsets existing genset electrical power generation to reduce engine fuel consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions, while also delivering a rapid return on investment.
The E1™ converts exhaust heat from diesel- or gas-fired engines or gensets into electricity. Power from the E1™ is delivered directly to site loads, offsetting power generation from local gensets to deliver instant fuel savings and decrease emissions.

Powered by Alphabet Energy’s solid-state PowerBlocks™ thermoelectric technology, the E1 requires virtually no maintenance, and has no need for an operator.

Two-wheeled Electric Car


You know, electric cars are already the hope of tomorrow’s green transportation. Two-wheeled car by Lit Motors is a further step in electric vehicles. This is a fully electric, gyroscopically stabilized vehicle.

Lit Motors designed and prototyped their first product named the C-1. The company website originally stated that production would start in late 2014, but announced in Winter 2014 that production will be delayed. There is currently no production timeline.
The inspiration for Lit Motors came to Kim in 2003, when he was nearly crushed by a chassis while manually assembling a bio-diesel Land Rover Defender 90. Kim’s decided to “chop a car in half” to create what is now the C-1.

The original C-1 design has two wheels, but also includes a steering wheel. Direct-drive in-hub motors in both wheels were designed to provide a high amount torque, stability, and traction control, while allowing for body form much smaller than a car.

A wearable Pollution monitor: Find the Best Air in the City

The world’s most advanced Enviro-Tracker. TZOA uses internal sensors to measure your air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure all in one wearable device. By connecting TZOA to your smartphone, you can view your readings and receive recommendations. It’s your environment at your fingertips.

By using TZOA you will be helping to create a crowdsourced map of environmental data in real-time. This will allow you to make lifestyle decisions such as where to find the freshest air to go for a run, where to plan a picnic, or even allow you to find the hotspots of air pollution in your neighborhood so that you can help fix them and live a healthier life.


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