Biofase: Making plastic out of avocado

Meet Biofase, a Mexican based start-up company that invented a 100% biodegradable plastic fabric made out of avocado seeds.

With plastic pollution at a sky-high rate in the world, organizations, start-ups and companies do their best to keep up the pace with green policies of various sorts in order to reduce pollution, be it implementing biodegradable plant based bags in major markets all the way to changing the way a company’s factory produces products to reduce ozone pollution.

In Mexico, start-up company Biofase came up with an innovative bioplastic compound – the avocado, or more specifically the largely discarded avocado leftovers by producers every single day. Eco Watch reports that the Mexican based start-up transforms dense avocado seeds into disposable drinking straws and cutlery that are reportedly 100% biodegradable.

Biochemical engineer Scott Munguia is the founder of Biofase, who in 2013 patented a process that turned discarded avocado pits into bioplastics that degrade after roughly 200-240 days. Biofase’s avocado-to-plastic process consumes 15 metric tons of avocado seeds a day to make their bioplastic items, guaranteeing a win for both the environment and consumers.

This sort of start-up matters due to the fact that you can not expect anyone to carry around reusable bioplastic straws, people will pollute whether we want to accept it or not, so initiatives like Biofase make sure that if it does happen, the environment can at least assimilate the discarded bioplastic products, not to mention emptying the discarded avocado pits from producers.

You can check here to see Biofase’s EU based website and their offered products!


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