From plastic waste into construction bricks

Reusing recycled plastic bottles has never been more creative than this, especially when the bricks made out of this plastic cater to more than just an adult audience.

Is this another solution to sustainable house building? Better, more nature friendly bricks? Not at all, this is the one brick dedicated for all ages that comes directly from LEGO with an innovative project. The Danish company LEGO, responsible for making both children and adults’ lives brighter and happier for over 70 years, has unveiled a new sustainable plan to manufacture their solid construction bricks by using collected plastic waste from a variety of sources – at this moment focusing on PET bottles.

LEGO calculated that a single one-liter PET bottle can provide enough recycled material to make ten small construction bricks. With this knowledge at hand, we know most of LEGO’s sets, depending on their theme, contain at least a hundred pieces, going all the way up to several thousand, so plenty of bottles will be needed for this process.
The LEGO group has pledged their own contribution to the 2030 sustainable development agenda and this is one of the projects that supports their pledge and takes them further as one of the most enjoyed and favored companies in the world.
Naturally, this brick prototype requires a lot of testing so it will go through plenty of quality testing phases before LEGO begins to roll out new construction kits that feature this set, as we know well LEGO prides themselves with the quality of their bricks. In this sense, through trial and error, sooner or later we will have brand new LEGO sets for children (and obviously adults as well) made out of recycled plastic bottles as LEGO carries out their fight against pollution in a most constructive way. Want to find out more about this initiative? Head over to LEGO’s own presentation of this initiative here


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