Microsoft's sustainability lesson in Minecraft!

Meet Microsoft’s Sustainability Report in (an adorable pixelated) 3D world! Join Mojang, Minecraft’s creators in their educational journey on sustainable cities now designed within Minecraft as a map.

The creator of Minecraft, Mojang Studios have incorporated Microsoft’s annual sustainability report within the engine of their sandbox 3D game, Minecraft. In this sense, they intend to let people of all ages explore Microsoft’s mission for the planet and their goals for sustainable facilities such as waste recycling, responsible forestry, alternative energy, sustainable homes and food production.

This effort comes in the shape of six educational lessons for teachers that they can use in Minecraft’s Education Edition to lecture their students on sustainable cities, or people can opt in to download a fully explorable version of the map for their own personal use and discovery. You can download your own free version here provided you own Minecraft!

Over 115 countries are licensed to educate their students through Minecraft’s Educational Edition and the same company is known to have actively supported Sustainable Development Goals revolving around environmental efforts through their initiatives “The Nature Conservancy” and “World Wildlife Fund”. With over 100 million players of Minecraft worldwide, this effort proves a valuable lesson for those willing to learn and contribute in the future to the protection of our planet!


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